San Francisco State University Electron Microscopy Facility

Image: Hensill Hall and Microscopy pictures

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Where is the SF State EMF located?

A1. The SF State EMF is located in room 138 of Hensill Hall on the main campus of SF State (Maps and directions).


Q2. How do I get training to use the Ultra 55 FE-SEM?

A2. Training is arranged by calling or sending an e-mail to the electron microscopy facility manager.


Q3. How do I sign-up to use the Ultra 55 FE-SEM?

A3. Trained users will be provided access to the Ultra 55 Booking Calendar.


Q4. I already know how to use an SEM. Do I still need to be registered and trained to use the Ultra 55?

A4. All operators of the Ultra 55 must first successfully complete six hours of training. Qualified users will be provided with a "log-on" username and password for the Ultra 55.


Q5. Do you have the specimen preparation equipment I need?

A5. The EMF has a full suite of preparation equipment.


Q6. Do I need to learn how to use the Ultra 55 FE-SEM myself or can it be operated for me?

A6. While academic users are strongly encouraged to learn how to operated the Ultra 55 for themselves, the FE-SEM can also be operated by the facility manager for an additional fee.


Q7. How do I acknowledge use of the Ultra 55 in my papers and posters?

A7. "We gratefully acknowledge use of the Carl Zeiss Ultra 55 FE-SEM and supporting equipment at SF State. The FE-SEM and supporting facilities were obtained under NSF-MRI award #0821619 and NSF-EAR award #0949176, respectively".

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