San Francisco State University Electron Microscopy Facility

Image: Hensill Hall and Microscopy pictures

New Users

  • New users can arrange for training on the Ultra 55 FE-SEM by calling or sending an email to the laboratory manager.
  • New user training is comprised of three, two-hour training sessions on the Ultra 55.
  • For SF State users there is an all-inclusive fee of $230. 
  • For non-SF State academic users there is an all-inclusive fee of $460.
  • Training starts with imaging known standard materials so that the user can focus on learning the operation of the microscope. If the new user has a research project in mind, then the third session is devoted to imaging the research material (if sample preparation permits).
  • New SF State users may work M-F 9am-5pm until sufficiently skilled that they may be given permission by the laboratory manager to work in the evenings and weekends.
  • Retraining is required if an operator has not used the Ultra55 during the past six months.
  • Service work on the Ultra55 takes priority at all times.
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