San Francisco State University Electron Microscopy Facility

Image: Hensill Hall and Microscopy pictures



  • Everhart-Thornley detector for SE2 and BS electron imaging (20 eV – 30 KeV)
  • Annular On-axis SE detector optimized for capturing high-resolution SE1 electrons (20 eV – 20 KeV)
  • Angle Selective Backscatter (AsB) Detector for Z- contrast and channeling contrast (10 KeV – 30 KeV)
  • Annular On-Axis Energy Selective Backscatter (ESB) Detector which is tunable for high-sensitivity  Z-contrast and Low Loss Imaging (20 eV - 20 keV)
  • Oxford Instruments INCA 350 Energy Dispersive x-ray Spectrometer (EDS) for chemical analysis
  • Oxford Instruments Electron Backscatter Detector (EBSD) for crystallographic analysis
  • Gatan MiniCL Cathodoluminescence detector
  • IR Chamberscope for in-chamber sample observation.
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