San Francisco State University Electron Microscopy Facility

Image: Hensill Hall and Microscopy pictures

Non-Academic Rates

Non-Academic User Rates:

Please contact Dr. Clive Hayzelden, the EMF manager, for pricing and availability at (415) 338-1345 or


Non-Academic users are warmly encouraged to contact the EMF manager to discuss sample analysis using the Ultra 55 FE-SEM. The Ultra 55 FE-SEM at SF State is one of the most powerful scanning electron microscopes in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Ultra 55 is operated for non-academic users by Dr. Clive Hayzelden who has over 25 years' experience as a microscopist and is an expert in the operation of Carl Zeiss FE-SEMs.


Clive received extensive training at the Carl Zeiss heaquarters in Germany to obtain the maximum information from a sample in the shortest period of time.  For several years, Clive was the Manager of the Carl Zeiss Center of Excellence in Electron Microscopy at the University of California Irvine, and manager of the Carl Zeiss Bay Area demonstration facility.


Microscopy sessions may be booked Monday to Friday, between 10 am and 5 pm and are usually available within a week. The microscope may be reserved for as long as the time estimated to complete the work.


All FE-SEM images and data from EDS chemical analysis and EBSD crystallographic analysis are provided promptly at the end of a microscopy session.


There is no minimum reservation-time requirement for the SEM and only the actual time-used is charged. Non-academic users will be billed by mail and charges may be paid by check or purchase order.


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